How do we reserve a date for a session? Email me! We’ll finalize a date, time, and location. I will send you a contract and ask that you send it back with a $100 deposit. The remaining payment is due in full on the date of the session. I typically book 4-6 weeks in advance for weekends.

How long does it take to receive our images? It typically takes me approximately two to three weeks to finalize your photos.

Do we get the pictures? Yes, you will receive high resolution files of the images to download to your computer. They are unwatermarked files. Please read your contract or pricing guide for the # of included digital files you receive with each package.

Can I order prints through you? Yes, you can order prints through your two month online gallery. The gallery is password protected but you can also share with family & friends. You can order with a credit card and have your prints shipped directly to your house.

Can I order more digital files from the gallery? Yes, you can order additional digital files from your gallery above what is included in your package. For example- if your session includes 15 digital files and you would like to download 20, you can purchase the extra 5 digital images to download.

What does “direct download” mean? I will email you once your gallery is posted and your images are ready. The email will contain directions on how to choose and download your selected images.

What if I also want a disc? You can order a disc for an additional $30. It will have the same images as the direct download. You can also order a usb travel drive for $60.

Where do we have the session? We can arrange for the session to be held in your home or outdoors at a location of your choice. Going to your favorite park or town can produce some of the best images! If we are doing a session with children- pick a place they are familiar with. If you’re having trouble deciding on where to go- I can help out! There are no travel fees for within 25 miles of 08088.

What do I need to bring? I encourage my clients to bring props or items that make you unique. Example: If we are doing a session with your child and they enjoy reading, bring books! If you are really into music- bring your guitar, etc.

What do I wear? I would suggest wearing comfortable clothing that is true to your style. I would suggest avoid wearing all solid white. If you are dressing an entire family, it is best to wear the same color scheme, not necessarily the same exact color or pattern. Ask me for a link to my pinterest board with ideas of what to wear!

Do you offer discounts if we book more than one session? No, I currently do not offer discounts on any type of session. For discounts on print products, please follow my facebook fan page for print discount codes that can be used in your online gallery.

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